Examplar Ideas For Using Capture Mode

Hello all. Our school district has several teachers getting involved with mimios and they are starting with interactive mode. We are looking for ideas as to the uses of the ink capture mode. What some exemplary ideas for its uses? Do you have examples? Elementary, middle school, high school?? Thanks in advance!

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Submitted by dabbas on Nov. 19, 2010

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recognizing ink

I've watched a trainer use the capture on an alternate board to demonstrate an long addition problem. It is captured, she saves it and later puts that step by step (each step gets a new ink page) instruction on the homework line. Any students that are absent or needing review can easily check what happened in class that particular day or use it for homework review. It was very basic but an excellent example to show the captures' usefulness.

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    Jun. 11, 2011
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Lynn Zolman
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Math on Mimio

I am new to my school and new to Mimio. I am looking for streamlined videos that will help my Math teachers use Mimio more often. Can you direct me to some basic videos that you have found helpful?



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    Nov. 18, 2015
Posted by
Susan Murray
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Getting started with MIMIO!

I have to say, I absolutely love technology, but when I started using mimio, I only used the stylus at first. Now, I'm becoming a Mimio Master and taking a course to get certified. Using mimioconnect.com will change your life forever...there are endless uses for this great teaching tool. Besides the fact of student interaction, the lessons incorporate various was to teach common benchmarks. Infact, any way you can turn the "usual" into "unusual" by making it into a game, well mimio ink files will do that...all it takes is a bit of creativity, some time, and a bit of energy to create basically any area of learning interest. I hope your teachers love mimio as much as I do.

  • Posted:
    May. 14, 2011
Posted by
Janet Norman
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I'd like to create a quiz using the MimioVote. Do I need to have the MimioVote plugged in to my computer to be able to create and access the...

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Good question! When you create a quiz or any type of MimioVote assessment, the only equipment you need is a computer with the MimioStudio software installed on it. You can open the notebook...

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