Has anyone successfully written a grant for an iPad cart for their classroom? I would LOVE to experiment using these tools and I'm wondering if there are any stories of their proven success in the classroom?

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Submitted by sarah coughlin Mimio Certified Trainer on Sep. 24, 2011

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third grade teacher

I think the ipad can be a valuable tool to use with students. I have been looking for grants to apply for to try to get a few ipads for my classroom. I would love to find out if anyone has had any success or knows of a place to apply for a grant.

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    Aug. 19, 2012
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Patricia Williamson
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iPad Grants

Do you have a major sports team in your town or nearby? I recently learned that our Atlanta sports teams have grants available for teachers who want to provide new and innovative ways to teach. I haven't tried this yet because I learned about it too late for last year but plan to try for one this year.

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    Jun. 12, 2012
Posted by
Kathy Williams
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Thank you

Thank you. I have started to look into various companies that provide tablets in education and I am starting to make a little progress. It is a very exciting opportunity. Thanks again.

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    May. 5, 2012
sarah coughlin
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Sarah Coughlin
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I think for elementary

I think for elementary students the iPad would be wonderful. If you have funding ideas, please share them here. I would also be interested in good funding opportunities.

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    Feb. 9, 2012
Posted by
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