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Subjects: Biology
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 5 | Age 11, Gr. 6 | Age 12
Posted: Dec. 11, 2011   Posted by: jcgannon
I am still working on this, as part of my mimio assignments...a start on an adaptation lesson. Would love some other ideas on how to make it better!

Dominate or Recessive Traits?

Subjects: Biology, Science
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 6 | Age 12, Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 8 | Age 14, Gr. 9 | Age 15
Posted: Nov. 20, 2011   Posted by: nof007750
Students explore whether given traits are dominate or recessive

Is it a fish?

Subjects: Biology
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. K | Age 6, Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8, Gr. 3 | Age 9, Gr. 4 | Age 10, Gr. 5 | Age 11
Posted: Nov. 17, 2011   Posted by: mrosenb1
In this short activity, students will test their ability to distinguish fish from other animals that might share the same habitat.

Climate Change

Subjects: Biology
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 8 | Age 14
Posted: Nov. 8, 2011   Posted by: Andi Kardos
A very short and simple activity. Actually it is a base that needs further editing.

Mammals and Birds

Subjects: Biology
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. K | Age 6, Gr. 1 | Age 7, Gr. 2 | Age 8
Posted: Oct. 25, 2011   Posted by: missbrafford
This lesson helps children tell the difference between birds and mammals.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Subjects: Biology, Zoology, Science
Language: English
Grade Level: Gr. 6 | Age 12, Gr. 7 | Age 13, Gr. 8 | Age 14
Posted: Oct. 11, 2011   Posted by: mkalowe
Enable your class to discover dinosaurs with this lesson!

Using PowerPoint with MimioStudio Software

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Can I create a slide show in Mimio with animations or is the best way to create in PowerPoint and use Mimio tools when showing?


Thank you so much for your recent submission to Ask a Master. We are so glad to have you as part of our wonderful online community of educators! You are wondering about using PowerPoint slide shows with Mimio. You can always import your PowerPoint document into MimioNotebook. Just remember that when you import a PowerPoint into Mimio it becomes a static file, meaning that only the content will be brought in losing all interactivity you had in the file (such as hyperlinks, transitions and other flash animation). The good news is that you can now add your own interactivity to your file in a new way using the Mimio Software! Try using Screen Annotation or the many wonderful reveals you can find right in the Gallery to get your students involved in your lesson. If you have any specific file that you would like to add to your lesson (picture, audio, flash, video) you can easily insert it right into Mimio Notebook by using the “INSERT FILE” button located on your toolbar. I hope you have found this helpful and please let me know if there is anything else you may need as we are always here to help. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Derek McEwen

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