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Accessing Pre-made Content

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Mathematics, Reading and Science lessons and assessments are designed to make learning ‘Click Play’ simple. These short, focused lessons are designed to reinforce concepts and skills already being taught in the classroom. Many of the lessons include explanations of correct/incorrect answers to questions and practice tests. Spend more time teaching and less time creating content. Search from thousands of standards-aligned lessons, including National Common Core Standards. Modify and craft content to suit your learners’ needs.

Viewing and Searching the Content

Video Tutorial

To access the pre-made content from the Dashboard, click “Lesson Search”.

The pre-made content will now load.

At the top right, there is filter menu where you can select the specific Subject or Grade. For example, choosing “Math” followed by “6th Grade” yields the following results:

In the results that are returned, it will display the following information:

  • Lesson Name
  • Description

Previewing and Adding Lessons to Your Custom Library

Video Tutorial

Double-click the lesson tile to see more information about the lesson.

At the “Add to My Lessons” section, select which Folder (and optionally, sub-folders), you would like the lesson to be saved under. Then click Add.

Once it has been added, it will appear on the main “My Lessons” area.




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