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MimioConnect supports organization of lessons via a 3-level structure in the format:

  • Folder (Required)
    • Subfolder (Optional)
      • Subfolder (Optional)

Example of use could include Course > Topic > Subtopic, or Grade > Class > Subject.  There is no right or wrong way on how you set it up! You can create your folders and subfolder structure in advance, which allows you to select where to place newly created lessons, or you can create folders and subfolders “on the fly” at the time you are setting up your lesson.


Creating Folders and Subfolders (In Advance)

To create a folder structure, click the “Create Folder / Course” button.

A new window will pop up and will prompt you to enter the folder name and an optional description:

Type in the folder name and press the green tick. The new folder will then appear under “My Folders / Courses”.

The “3 dots” menu will give you options to rename, assign, or delete the folder. Warning: Deleting the folder will delete everything inside it, including lessons. You will receive an “are you sure” prompt to confirm deletion.

To add a subfolder, you must click into your newly created folder, which in this example is “Mathematics”.

Click the “3 dots” menu and the option to “Add Subfolder” appears. When you choose this, a similar window will pop up as before when creating your main folder. Enter the subfolder name and choose “Add Sub-Folder”.

At this point you can add an additional sub-folder to your first sub-folder if you wish, again using the “3 dots” menu.

Creating Folders and Subfolders when Creating New Lessons (On-the-Fly)

Setting up folders and subfolders can be performed in advance, as shown above. But you can also create new folders and sub-folders “on the fly” when saving a lesson, as and when needed.

To achieve this:


  1. From the Dashboard, press the “Create / Teach” button.
  2. Make edits to your slide, eg add an annotation
  3. From the bottom left hamburger menu, choose “Exit”
  4. The Save prompt will appear – select “Save”
  5. Now in the dialogue that appears, you will see dropdowns where you can select your pre-made folders and following on from that, a sub-folder.
  6. To create a new folder, choose the “Create folder” link.
  7. Type the name of your new folder and select the green tick to confirm.
  8. Your lesson will now be saved inside your new folder location after you click “Create”.



Moving Lessons to other Folders and Subfolders

The time may come when you need to re-organise and rearrange your lessons. To move your lessons from one folder or subfolder to another, perform the following steps.

In this example we will move the lesson “Math 101” from “Advanced Lessons” to “Introductory Lessons”.

  1. Find the lesson tile you would like to move to another location
  2. Press the “3 dots” menu at the bottom right of that lesson tile
  3. Select “Edit Details”
  4. Change the sub-folder to another sub-folder
  5. Press Update

Note: The same steps apply for folders and the additional optional sub-folders.

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