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The Dashboard (Overview)

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Dashboard Overview

The dashboard provides shortcut to commonly used features, plus an overview of:

  • recently presented lessons
  • upcoming (due) assignments
  • recently presented reporting feedback

Recently Presented Lessons

Lessons are presented as “tiles” throughout the site, including the recently presented lessons on the Dashboard. Each tile displays information about the lesson, including the title and description, the folder and subfolder location, grade, and options to Present, or Edit the lesson. Each tile also has additional options (shown as “3 dots”) which gives access to further commands including Preview, Assign, Share, View Results, or Delete.

Tile Menu Options:

  • Preview: Enables a full-screen preview of the lesson.
  • Assign: Assigns the content to classes or students
  • Edit Details: Change the name, description, or folder location of your lesson.
  • Share To: Enter the email address of a fellow MimioConnect user and they will receive a carbon copy of your lesson.
  • Duplicate: Clones your lesson to use as a basis for a brand new lesson.
  • View Results: Opens the results window for all classes who have had the lesson presented to them.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes your lesson. Proceed with care.

Assigned Lessons

The Assigned Lessons area of the Dashboard shows all assigned lessons which have due dates within the next 7 days.

Tap the name of a lesson in the list to show the “Assigned Content” page for that lesson.

Recently Assigned Feedback

Switch to the “Recent” subheading to see progress indicators of your recently assigned lessons. This area supplies a quick-glance overview of your students’ understanding using color indicators.

  • Red: Assigned content only. Indicates the percentage of students who have not yet attempted the assigment.
  • Orange: Indicates the percentage of students who have scored under the mastery/pass mark level. Default mastery/pass mark is 70% for mastery for presented lessons, but can be edited for assigned content.
  • Green: Indicates the percentage of students who have scored higher than the mastery/pass mark.

The below example shows a lesson which has just been created, and students have not yet submitted answers.

To view more details, select the “View Reports” shortcut.

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