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MimioConnect has four main tabs. The Dashboard, Lessons, Classes, and Reports. This article covers the Lessons tab.

Lessons Tab Overview

The Lessons tab provides access to:

  1. Tutorials built with MimioConnect (coming soon)
  2. Thousands of pre-made lessons in the MimioConnect Lesson Library
  3. Your own custom lesson library
  4. Lessons which have been shared with you


The MimioConnect Lesson Library

For more information about the premade lessons within the MimioConnect Lesson Library, see Accessing Pre-made Content

Mathematics, Reading and Science lessons and assessments are designed to make learning ‘Click Play’ simple. These short, focused lessons are designed to reinforce concepts and skills already being taught in the classroom. Many of the lessons include explanations of correct/incorrect answers to questions and practice tests. Spend more time teaching and less time creating content. Search from thousands of standards-aligned lessons, including National Common Core Standards. Modify and craft content to suit your learners’ needs.

To view the Lesson Library, navigate to the Lessons tab and at the top left, choose “Lesson Library”.

Your Custom Lesson Library

For more information on your custom lesson library and how to organize it, see “Organizing your Content”.

MimioConnect supports organization of lessons via “My Folders / Courses” section of the Lessons tab.

Create folders, and two futher levels of sub-folders to help you organize and store your content for easy retrieval when you need it.

Shared Lessons (“Shared With Me”)

Lessons that have been shared with you will appear in two places. First, in your own custom content library under the “Shared Lessons” folder, and also in the dropdown at the top of the Lessons page which switches between shared lessons and tutorials. (Tutorials coming soon).

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