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Creating Whiteboard Content

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MimioConnect includes whiteboarding capabilities, which can be used to create and author content. Tools including pens, shapes and lines, textboxes, backgrounds, and support for other embedded content, can all be used together to result in a multimedia-rich lesson.

Video Tutorial


Creating a New Whiteboard Slide

Enter Create/Teacher via the Dashboard, or edit an existing lesson and you are ready to add slides to your lesson.

You can add slides simply by pressing the “+” icon at the right of the slide counter, or click on the slide counter itself to display the slideset and press “Add New Slide”.


Whiteboard Authoring Tools

  • Select/Cursor
  • Pen (various modes include 2 pen colours, highlighter, eraser, and shapes and lines).
    Additional options for each mode can include pen pattern, thickness, opacity, and so on.
  • Text Tool
  • Insert Media (Contains: YouTube, Images, Local Drive import, Google Drive import, Add Audio, Add Video)
  • Backgrounds (Contains: Custom backgrounds, Preset Backgrounds)
  • Undo & Redo


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