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Presenting a Lesson

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Lessons can be presented in various ways to suit delivery, for example in-class or at home. Session codes can be used to allow anyone to join (if they know your session code) or can be presented to a pre-set class of students. It is also possible to present to multiple classes at the same time.

How to Start Presenting

From any lesson tile, press the “Present” button. Recently presented lessons will be available on the Dashboard, or all lessons are accessible via the My Lessons area.


If you are editing a lesson, press the “Present / Start Session” option at the top of the Hamburger Menu.


The Presentation Setup Screen

Presenting a lesson will launch the Presentation Setup Screen.


On this screen you have the following options:

  1. Choose who you are presenting to.
    • Present Anonymously (a Session Code will be displayed once the presentation starts. Students join at
    • Select the class(es) you would like to present to. These students will receive an invite to join your presentation in their Student Dashboard.

  2. Choose how your presentation is run.
    • Present as a “Normal” presentation. This is a presenter-led presentation. In this mode, the teacher controls the pace of the presentation.
    • Present as “Self-Paced”. This mode allows students to work through the lesson at their own pace, either in-class or at home. Students can navigate between slides without restriction. Examples of use include giving students classwork, quiz, or test. Teachers can monitor student progress in real-time making sure everyone is on task.

  3. Choose a Conference Option
    • Classroom – Select this option if you do not require a conference option. Works best if you are teaching in-person. If your students have their own devices, they can still join your presentation and follow along. They can also take part in questions/polls, and other collaborative functions.
    • Conference Call – Select this option if you would like to additionally enable microphone and camera access. This mode also works well with “hybrid” classrooms, where some students are in the classroom and others are remotely connected, as students will receive a prompt whether to join the call or not.
    • Webinar – Your students will be able to hear and see you (if you have a microphone and camera attached), but will not have any options to enable their own microphone or camera.

  4. Choose Student Options.
    • Select whether students can see immediate right and wrong feedback after answer a slide question
    • Select whether students are allowed to change their answer
    • Select whether students should receive a copy of the presentation, and their results, after the presentation has been finished (requires presenting to a Class)


Did you know?


You can start, stop, and switch between Classroom / Conference / Webinar modes even after you have started presenting, using the controls in the sidebar.


After selecting all of the chosen options, click “Present” and the presentation will begin.


Accessing the Anonymous Session Code

If you have chosen to present your lesson anonymously, your session code should be presented as soon as you start presenting.

If it does not appear, or if you have selected “do not show again” and need to show your session key, select the “key” icon at the bottom left of the screen as shown.

(Note, the session code has been blanked out in the screenshot below for security reasons).

Your students should join at


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