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A MimioConnect lesson can contain multiple file types from multiple sources. Create new slides from scratch, or import documents from cloud storage, local storage, YouTube, online image search, and more. Supported file types include Microsoft Office documents, Google Docs, PDFs, multimedia including images, videos, and audio, and other interactive whiteboard software including Smart Notebook, Promethean ActivInspire, MimioStudio, and Common File Format (CCF / IWB) files.

  1. From the Dashboard or Lessons page, select “Create” as shown in red below:
  2. Select “New Lesson” and the “Create a New Lesson” dialogue will appear. On this screen, set up your lesson title, description, as well as the folder and subfolder you wish to save the lesson in. The “boat” animation will build as you step through each field. If no folder or subfolder exists, choose the “Create folder” or “Create sub-folder” links. This step aids with organisation of your content. The Description and the second sub-folder are optional.
  3. On completion, you will be redirected to the Lesson Editing page, where you can add content.




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